1. Papaya salad
2. Spicy minced beef

3. Roast chicken
4. Steamed rice
5. Glutinous rice

11. Spicy seafood salad
12. Green papaya salad
13. Crispy catfish salad with green mango
14. Spicy minced chicken salad
15. Deep fried marinated beef

21. Spicy fried chicken with basil leaves
22. Sauted mixed vegetables in oyster sauce
23. Fish curry in babana leaves
24. Snakehead with dressing
25. Fried chicken with asparagus

31. Fride noodle with pork, chicken, shrimp in soy sauced and vegetable
32. Jelly noodle soup
33. Minced pork and soya bean curd soup
34. Sour soup with shrimp and water mimosa

6. Fried rice
7. Fried rice with pork

8. Porridge
9. Spicy noodle salad, Spicy vermicelli salad
10. Spicy barbecued beef salad

16. Chicken in coconut milk and galangal
17. Fried beef with oyster sauce
18. Green curry chicken in coconut milk
19. Santed pork with chilli & Basil leaves
20. Santed eat fish with chilli paste

26. Hot and sour soup
27. Fried chicken with asparagus
28. Thai fried noodle
29. Fried noodle with pork and broccoli
30. Fried noodle in minced beef sauce

35. Sour prawn soup
36. Streaky pork with crispy crackling
37. Steamed glutinous rice

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